Video Streaming Dongle EZCast (VC10)

$ USD166.00 $ USD128.00

Video Streaming Dongle, EZCast Pro, Screen Mirroring, Media Streaming, Buitt-in 2.4G Wireless, HDMI/MHL. BlackMAP is to be strictly adhered to, if found violating MAP policies, access could also be restricted.

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DisplayPort DVI Active Adapter (DP2DVIS)

$ USD44.99

Connect a DVI monitor to a singlemode DisplayPort output from your computer Compatible with DisplayPort equipped desktop computers such as Dell OptiPlex Active SingleLink Black DisplayPort 1.1a DHCP 1.3 Connect your computer to a DVI monitor DP to...

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HD PVR 60 Gaming Edition (HAUP1600)

$ USD587.16 $ USD528.00

HD PVR 60 Gaming Edition. 1080p 60 frames per second game recorder. Record, Edit and Upload Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PC or WiiU game play in HD. Record in-game commentary and chat. Now with SkipBack and Facecam: putting YOU in your YouTube videos! Upload...

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AVerTV Hybrid TVBox 13 (MTVBOXH13)

$ USD875.36 $ USD788.00

AVerTV Hybrid TVBox 13. Your monitor becomes a TV. You can watch analog or digital TV (ATSC / Clear QAM) in your display with AVerTV Hybrid TVBox 13. The AVerTV Hybrid TVBox 13 features built in multi-I/O with VGA, HDMI, Component and composite port. The...

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$ USD945.84 $ USD851.00

Capture a 1080p HDMI DVI VGA or component audio-video source at 60 frames per second through a low-profile or full-profile PCI Express slot - Works with PCI express-enabled computer systems and HDMI DVI VGA & component video source devices such as the...

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HDMI USB Extender (VE803)

$ USD661.64 $ USD595.00

The VE803 HDMI USB Extender extends an HDMI signal up to 60 meters from the HDMI source using two Cat 5e cables. It is capable of sending 1080i signals up to 60 meters and 1080p signals up to 40 meters. The VE803 is equipped with USB connectors which...

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USB 3.0 HD Capture Device (USB3HDCAP)

$ USD812.32 $ USD731.00

Capture a High-Definition HDMI DVI VGA or Component Video source to your PC - Compatible with HDMI DVI VGA or component video source devices such as Blu-ray and DVD players and USB 3.0-enabled computer systems - HD PVR / Screen Video Capture Device /...

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